University of the Free State UFS Vacancies

University of the Free State UFS Vacancies

University of The Free State Vacancies, The university of the free state publishes vacancies on their portal and also through recruitment search portals.

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How to submit an online application for Unversity of the Free State UFS Vacancies

Step 1

On the UFS website,

Click the Staff , then Vacancy link.

Step 2

Click the relevent Job Opening you are applying for.

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Step 3

Click the link to apply.

Step 4

Click the New User link to register as a new user.

Step 5

Fill in all the necessary information and Click the Register Button to proceed.

Step 6

Click the Apply button to apply for the specific Job Opening.

Step 7

Read the information on the screen and Click the Radio Button to accept the Terms and Agreement..

Step 8

Click the relevant Radio Button.

Step 9

Pop-Up Screen to notify user the Prequalify questions are successful Click the Continue Button.

Step 10

To Attach a Resumé

Click the Attach Resumé Button.

Step 11

Browse to a specific location to locate necessary documents

Click the Choose File Button.

Step 12

Click in the Name field.

Step 13

To Attach Supporting, Documents(ID,Cover Letter and Qualification)

Click the Add Attachment Button.

Step 14

Specify the document name and

Click the Upload Attachment Button to locate the attachment.

Step 15

Click the Save Button to save the attachment.

Step 16

After you have attached the supporting documents

Click the Next Button to proceed.

Step 17

Enter your personal information and Click the Next Button.

Step 18

Select the Highest Education Level from the drop down menu

Click the drop down.

Step 19

Required information, you need to provide information before you can proceed

Click the Ok Button to proceed.

Step 20

Required information, you need to provide information before you can proceed. If you only have Grade 12, fill in the year you were in Grade 12 and Scholar in the description

Click the Add Degree Button.

Step 21

To add another qualification Click the Save and Add Another Button.

Step 22

Click the Save Button after adding all your qualification.

Step 23

Add membership if applicable and Click the Next Button.

Step 24

Required information, You may not click Next before you have added work experience

Click the Ok Button.

Step 25

To Add work experience

Click the Add Work Experience Button.

Step 26

To add another work experience Click the Save and Add Another Button.

Step 27

Enter work experience details and Click the Save Button.

Step 28

Click the Next Button.

Step 29

To add language skill(s)

Click the Add Language Skills Button.

Step 30

To Add another language skill Click the Save and Add Another Button.

Step 31

Click the Save Button to proceed.

Step 32

Click the Next Button to procced.

Step 33

Please ensure you have attached all the suppoting documents, tick the relevant radio button and

Click the Next Button to proceed or Save for Later.

Step 34

Error message when you have selected NO to indicate you have not attached all relevant documents

Click the OK button.

Step 35

Select YES to confim that you have attached all relevant documents and Click the Next Button.

Step 36

Specify your referral Click the Next Button.

Step 37

Summary of information supplied Click Submit Application

Scroll the pane with the mouse wheel.

Step 38

Click the Return to Job Search or View Submitted Application.

Step 39

End of Procedure.

External Applicants struggling to sign-on

Most of the problems experienced by External Applicants is the Browser. The solution to this is to help the applicants to clean the browsing history.

NOTE: Your browser must have cookies, JavaScript and Pop-ups enabled. Please also check that your spam filter does not reject emails generated from UFS.

Please see browser settings

Internet Explorer

Top right click  > Internet Options > General Tab > Brower history > Tick Delete browsing history > Click Delete button

>untick Preserve Favourites websites > Tick Temporary Internet files and website files > Cookies and website data > History > Download History > Click Delete button

Mozilla Fire Fox

Manu Bar > History > Clear History > Time range to clear: Select preferred option >Tick Browsing & Download History > Cookies > Cache > Active Logins > Click Clear Now

Google Chrome

Click  > History > Clear browsing data > Select relevant option on Obliterate the following from > Tick Browsing history, Download History, Cookies and other site and plug-in data, Cached images and fill

Vacancies of the university can be accessed from ;